Design portfolio of Patty Shannon





Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Magic Leap One | Tools: Unity, Maya, Affinity Designer, Ml SDK


Blips are short fragments in time, moments in my life that were once locked away deep inside. The blips project was created to help me express my self in public, something I usually have trouble doing.
For this project i created everything except the audio and UI effects assets used in the first blip:

  • Narrative Design: Concepted the pacing and delivery of the story elements, informing the design of the tools.

  • Tools and Gameplay Programming: Created Unity editor tools to help create narrated linear story’s and any extra gameplay related interactions.

  • 3D Art: Created all 3D art assets used in Dock Sitting, using Maya 2018 and Affinity Designer.

The Blips

Blip One - Dock Sitting

The sea is a great escape. 
When near, it can take one far away. 
Surrounded by the unknown, it creates a place where it's just you and your thoughts. 

Dock Sitting is a short introspective scene, about drifting away during a stressful time. All set to the melancholic strings of Los Campesinos! The sea is a good place to think of the future.

Dock Sitting uses the first version of the Blips Storytelling Tools, a collection of easy to use unity components designed to tell linear personal stories.

The Tools:

Currently, the Blips storytelling tools are a collection of clumsily written scripts that use a book as a metaphor for telling linear narratives in the Unity game engine. The aim is to have easily usable tools that people who have little to no programming experience to be able to use them. So that artist, musicians or writers can make and share Blips of their own, as a unique way to showcase their talents.

I'm in the process of improving these scripts and doubling down on the book metaphor with the so I can achieve my goal of making something that others can use.

Current Features:

  • Paragraphs: An audio and visual representation of the story that is fully customization with animations and compatible with both the default unity UI text and text mesh pro.

  • Interactive Triggers: Allows for simple triggerable interactions that can affect the pacing of the story, starting the story and ending the story.

  • Pacing Controls: Allows for a delayed start and end of each Paragraph giving a designer tighter control of story pacing.

Future Features:

  • Custom Transitions: Scene changes, fade to black, cut and match cut.

  • Trigger Volumes: allowing for story elements to be triggered through exploration of an the environment.

  • Overlapping paragraph playback: Creating a staggered effect of text vanishing.

  • In Editor Preview: Allows for previewing the changes to paragraphs outside of play mode