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Hi, I'm Patty!

An experienced Digital Designer from Wellington, New Zealand. I specialise in Game and UX Design across multiple platforms.

Over the last few years, I have worked on an extensive and varied range of projects. From pop up installations about child safety, AR games that create virtual parks, immersive theatre projects that use smartphones and the city to tell deeply personal stories, and most recently working on the recently released Ashen at A44.

In my spare time, I like to work on small game prototypes that explore ideas I find interesting and to keep my skills up in both programming and 3D art.


Patty Shannon

Email:    patty@qube.xyz
Twitter: @pattyqubed


Work Experience

A44 - Game Designer

May 2017 - November  2017
I was brought on to the project in may of 2017 as a Game Designer to work on their first title Ashen. Helping build out the games systems and the open world areas, alongside the implementation of quests and encounters. Over time the role changed and shifted. Gaining more responsibility for the Level Design of the open world and ensuring a strong line of communication between Design, Art and Programming teams. While also assisting the other designers when necessary, on quest design and encounters.

Storybox - Digital Designer

August 2016 - January 2017
Working as a contract designer at Wellington-based design and production company Storybox, I assisted their team on a variety of different creative projects in print, digital, and physical.

Most notably I was the Designer/Asset creator for their second immersive theatre project DUALITY, a collaboration with the Shanghai International Arts Festival and STA (Shanghai Theatre Academy).

Secret Cow Club - Designer

2016 - Present
The Secret Cow Club is a small team that only ever makes games at game jams. The time pressure mixed with our very very silly ideas lets us create and finish up fun small games at least twice a year. As the lead designer, I help the team focus down on an idea then help scope and build out the systems for what we decide to make.

Some of our games can be found on our ridiculous website: secretcow.club

ACG YOOBEE School of Design - Relief Tutor

August 2016 - December 2016
The HOD of the school’s Game Art and Development Diploma asked me to be a relief tutor for this diploma after I had completed it. My general goal was to help anyone that in the areas of game design, broad Unity issues and UI/UX.

IGDA NZ Chapter - Board member

September 2017 - Present
In 2017 I became a board member of the New Zealand Chapter of the IGDA (Independent Game Developers Association). We organise and run game development meetups aimed at independent creators, help to promote game development alongside the NZGDA (New Zealand Game Developers Association) and act like our country's voice within the larger IGDA organisation. 

Storybox - Tech Support Intern (The Woman Who Forgot)

February - March 2016 (4 Week's)
As the tech support intern for an immersive theatre production “The Woman Who Forgot”, during its opening run in the 2016 New Zealand Festival. Tasks involved using X Code and Unity3D to build the interactive application to IOS and Android devices, in addition to solving Pre-Show technical issues.

Geo AR Games - Intern

April - June 2016
I interned for Geo AR Games doing UI design and Game Design. This work was for a series of AR apps aimed at getting kids to play outside in council parks, currently available on Android and IOS devices.


Software and Skills

  • Game Design

  • Unity

  • Unreal Engine

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Affinity Software Suite

  • C# and Blueprints

  • Maya

  • UI/UX Design

  • Layout Design

  • Photography

  • IOS and Android development

  • Trained Barista - i’ll make you a good coffee.


ACG YOOBEE School Of Design
Diploma of Game Art and Development (Level 7)
2014 - 2016 (Two Years)

ACG YOOBEE School Of Design
Diploma of Computer Graphic Design (Level 6)
2013 (One Year)

City and Guilds
International Award in Barista Skills


Are available on request