Yas Queen



Jam: GGJ 2017  Rolls: Designer, Programmer, Graphic Design Time Frame: 48Hours Tools: Unity3D, Illustrator 
Platforms: Steam VR (Windows)

The Concept

The people adore you, their queen. When you make an appearance they come in droves to see you, to get the chance to be waved at by you, their queen. So give them what they want, QUEEN.

YASSSS QUEEN is a simple VR Game designed to not accurately simulate being a queen. Your job as the queen is to find important people in the crowd and wave you little Queeny heart out at them. If you miss one then it's game over! Keep on juggling the people's need for your attention. Be their YASSSS QUEEN! 


YASSS QUEEN was Secret Cow Clubs entry for Global Game Jam 2017, where the  years theme was waves. This is out first attempt at creating a VR title, which we achieved in 48 tiering hours.  YASS QUEEN was also the only VR title to be made at any New Zealand Jam Location. 

The title was mostly conceived as a joke where we get a cow to wave at people and was never intended to be a VR title. it wasn't until we started talking about it more and more that we decided that the world needed a VR queen waving experience. 



  • PATTY SHANNON (A game making turtle)

  • DANNY HADDOW (A game making programmer)

  • SAM COOMBES (A game making artist)

  • JUSTIN BROOM (Another game making artist)

  • ELI TUCKER (The final game making artist and rad guy)