Rolls: Designer Time Frame: 7 months  Tools: Various 


From August 2016 - January 2017 I was the in-house designer at the wellington based production/design company StoryBox. During my time there I worked closely with the small team on a wide variety of projects from pre-vis work on large scale installations, Graphic Design, Interaction Design and pitch prep. With one of the projects going on to be nominated in the 2017 Best Design Awards for spacial design category.   

These projects ranged from external client work to full on in-house art/theatre projects. We worked with clients like Safe Kids Aotearoa, New Zealand Rugby Union, Wellington Water and NZ Transport Agency, during my time at story box I gained invaluable experience in communication and collaborative design.   


These are just some of the projects i worked on during my time at StoryBox:


Duality was an immersive theatre project performed during the 2016 Shanghai International Arts Festival, where i was the UI/UX designer.

Duality was a collaboration between STA (Shanghai Theatre Academy), Storybox and Shanghai International Arts Festival. As an adaption of format used in Storybox's previous Immersive theatre project The Woman Who Forgot

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Duality-双重 - StoryBox

Water Puzzle

This was a small scale interactive installation commissioned by Wellington Water to help bring attention to the places people can be wasting water in there home. Story Box in collaboration with Clemengers BBDO designed and built two 3D rotation puzzle that was located around wellington for 8 weeks during the summer of 2016-2017. 
On this project I created various 3D renders of the potential designs, mocking up layouts for the puzzle and revising the pitch documents that we presented to the client. 

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Water Puzzle Project Page - StoryBox

Safe Kids Whare

The safe kids Whare was an spacial installation commissioned by Safe Kids Aotearoa. Designed to teach kids and parents about the potentially dangerous objects and hazard that can be found around ones home in a fun and interactive way. On this project I assisted on layout and the design of some of the interactive elements. The installation went on to be nominated for a Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Award in 2017.

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Noise Patrol

For the 2017 Wellington Sevens, the NZRU Approached StoryBox to come up with and run several activations to help promote the 2017 Wellington Sevens using their slogan of "Bring the noise". The concept was to create a much noise as possible, so we designed and built large handheld mega phones to scatter around wellington creating a competition to see who could generate the most noise. 
For this project I help design the megaphones and create the custom vinyl wrap to go over them . 

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