Stealth Tortoise



Stealth Tortoise

Jam: YOOBEE Jam Roles: Designer, Programmer, Graphic Design Time Frame: 3 weeks Tools: Unity3D, Illustrator 
Platforms: Windows


Stealth Tortoise is an endless stealth game made in 3 weeks by my self and Nole Kohere. It was made as a rapid prototyping sprint during my diploma of game art and development at ACG YOOBEE School of design.  Conceived by me mashing genres  quickly in a note book and then agreed on by Noel talking about a stealth tortoise, we attempted to make a simple stealth game in 3 weeks.

In the game your goal is to save your tortoise girlfriend and escape the never ending labyrinths.  The game randomly cycles through a set of created prefabs and the game only ends when the player runs out of time or if they are caught by the moles. Each time the player completes a level  and every time they save there turtle girlfriend they get bonus time added to the clock. 

The player has two abilities, one is to hide in his shell and become undetectable by the moles. The other is to deploy a distraction of GuacaMole (bad pun intended) to immobilize the moles for a time. 

The game was my first solo programming project, working though creating ai and other complex mechanics like the player detection system that cant see through walls was a challenge. Not all of it works perfectly, with the game having some serious bugs preventing progression.  However I'm personally proud of being able to even get most of this game working at all in the very short time frame as the only programmer. 


  • Patty Shannon (A game making turtle)

  • Noel Kohere (A game making artist)