Roles: Game Designer, Programmer, Graphic Design Time Frame: 5 Weeks 
Platforms: Android, Win, OSX, Linux Programs: Unity, Illustrator.

ADD is a game about space management and math. In add, you've presented a screen that will constantly fill up with two types of bubbles: Operators and Numbers. The objective is to clear space and get points, the higher the better. To clear space, you must create equations using the bubbles that spawn at an ascending rate. The result of each equation you create is then added to your score. If you're too slow to clear space, you run out of space for new bubbles to spawn and it's game over.

This project started out as a solo prototyping exercise where i wanted to create a repayable math game, with a simple art style and a heavy score chasing element.  During the initial week of development i was the programming, designer and artist. In that week i created the main interaction mechanic, of drag selecting alternating bubbles and began doing initial art direction for the title. As the project grew in complexity, eventually another person took over the programming. Letting me focus more on the games design, the art and project management.



ADD is a minimalist UX driven game with a simple drag select interaction method. So a cohesive UI style that was consistent throughout the title was important. To achieve this, all of the games intractable elements, E.G. buttons are the same basic bubble shape used in the game, are also used in the game's menus. 

The game teaches its main mechanic is shown to the player with in the first menu. To start the game, the player must drag across multiple bubbles.  

To reinforce what a successful interaction looks like to the player. The bubbles in the game changes from no fill to fill, along with a short animation that plays on a successful selection. Each of these visual cues are also reinforced in all the menus buttons. 

The final prototype was made in 5 weeks, by a team of two, as a part of ACG YOOBEE School of Design's, Game Art and Development Diploma. To read more about the development process of this title, can be found Here. The first prototype can be found by clicking the download button.