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Just Wool With It - GGJ



Just Wool With It!

Jam: Global Game Jam 2016 Roles: Game Designer, Artist, Graphic Design Time Frame:  48 Hours Platform: Win Programs: Unity, Maya 2016, Photoshop, Illustrator

The time has come for the annual sheep shearing on your remote farm island. But whilst you were gone the sheep have seemed to have set up a totem pole to the sheep king to protect them from the dastardly fox. They seem mesmerized wanting to run circles around the pole, and have taken themselves to sacrifice themselves by jumping off the cliffs to try and appeal the sheep king and keep the fox at bay.

Just wool with it is a asymmetrical 3 v 1, local multiplayer game. Players must ether as the Fox chase the sheep off the island, or as the Sheep Dog herd the sheep to a pen. The sheep dogs can also kill the Fox. 

This game was made in 48 Hours, with a team of 5 people at Global Game Jam 2016. In Wellington, New Zealand. On this project I was a 3D modeller and UI artist. And also directed the look of the art assets we were making. Going for a low poly aesthetic and with no textures, was chosen so that we could make a lot of assets in our short time frame.

We also used the following GGJ 2016 Diversifiers, One hand tied behind my back: Make a game that can be played with one hand. LoudMouth: All audio assets are created by sounds from your mouth.  



  • Patrick Shannon 

  • Justin Broom

  • Caswal Parker 

  • Blair Rod

  • Kris Bacaling