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Game jam games

Over the last four years, I have participated in a few games jams with each one resulting in an array of different and unique titles that I'm rather proud to have made. On this page, you will find some of my favourite games made at two different jams from various years, Global Game Jam and Kiwi Jam. All titles created by my game jam team Secret Cow Club



Jam: Global Game Jam 2017 | Time Frame: 48 Hours | Tools: Unity3D, Maya 2017, Illustrator | Platforms: Windows

Locked away in a bunker deep down in the NSA basement, the Unidentified Transmissions and Frequency Description (UTFD) spend countless hours decrypting mindless chatter from signals of unknown origin. It's an important job (So you're told).
For this project i was responsible for:

  • Audio Programming: Created the dynamically generated static audio.

  • Game Design: Helped refine the core puzzle mechanic around signal decryption.

  • 3D Art: Modeled set dressing for the level, Blocked out the game scene, Unwrapped UV’s for all game models and environment lighting.

  • Graphic Design: Designed the titles logo.

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018, for the theme transmission. "Transducer" is a puzzle game where players must tune waves to the match the incoming transmission.


Yassss Queen

Jam: GGJ 2017 | Time Frame: 48 Hours | Tools: Unity3D, Illustrator Platforms: Steam VR (Windows)

The people adore you, their queen. When you make an appearance, they come in droves to see you. They want the chance to be waved at by you, their queen. So give them what they need, QUEEN.
For this project i was responsible for the following:

  • Game Design: Designed the core gameplay loop of the title.

  • Gameplay Programming: Initial implementation of the waving Gameplay mechanic.

  • Graphic Design: Created the games UI and logo.

YASSSS QUEEN is a simple VR Game designed not accurately to simulate being a real queen. Your job as the queen is to find the important people in the crowd and wave your little Queeny heart out at them. If you miss one, then it's game over! Keep on juggling the people's need for your attention. Be their YASSSS QUEEN!


Blazing Sun Death Game

Jam: Kiwi Jam 2017 | Time Frame: 48 Hours | Tools: Unity3D, Illustrator | Platforms: Windows

Tackle your friends into the sun and watch them burn!
For this game jam game i was responsible for :

  • Game Design: Responsible for designing the game rules from the initial idea.

  • Audio Programming: Created audio managers for the game soundtrack, narrator, and SFX.

  • Graphic Design: Designed the games UI and logo.

Blazing Sun Death Game invokes the quarter eating competitive arcade games of yore. Two Space Knights fight for survival by avoiding the sun and incapacitating their rival, leaving them to burn. The rounds are quick, and the restarts are fast, in this addicting competitive experience.