Roles: Game Designer, Graphic Designer Time Frame: 3 Week's Platforms: Physical Prototype
Programs: Illustrator, InDesign.

Flick is a two player competitive card game where one player is tasked as The Flock to out run Winter. While winter tries to stop them.  At the beginning of the game the deck is split into two halves, with each given to players. Then players decide who will be the Flock and who will be Winter. Cards with three colours written on them and each word coloured differently. 

The Flock will call out “word” or “colour”. Once called, each player will draw a card from the deck and name either all three words or all three colours shown on the card. The first player to complete this is the winner of the round and moves their counter up one space on the board. First to six wins is the overall game winner.

As a solo Physical prototyping assignment, Flock was designed to explore ideas and mechanic that relate to rhythm music games. This Physical Prototype was made in 3 weeks, as a part of ACG YOOBEE School of Designs, Game Art and Development Diploma.