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Roles: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist Time Frame: 4 Months Platforms: Android, IOS, Win, OSX, Linux
Programs: Unity, Maya 2015, Illustrator.

Flick is a behind the back endless runner where players are tasked to guide a bird through a Forest, to be the fastest bird in the world.

The game was designed to achieve a flow experience within the player. With the game's mechanics and visual all working together to achieve a state of flow as people play. 

The core game mechanic that helps to achieve this flow state, is the scoring system. Every second the player is flying they gain points at a constant rate. If the player engages with the floating rings they are rewarded with a multiplier, that increases every 3 rings the player flies through. As the player score increases so does the game's difficulty. Its this choice of interacting with the rings gives more control of the game's difficulty over to the player. It creates agency in the player how the game progresses, increasing the chances that they can enter a flow state.

This title originally started out as rhythm music game for mobile devices, with the same setting and art style. However it was over scoped to my abilities at the time. This was an important project for me because end result of this helped me understand scope, how to recognize failure and that you can recover from it. 

This final prototype that is available was made in 4 months, as a part of ACG YOOBEE School of Design's, Game Art and Development Diploma. As my first solo project in the diploma. Along with this it has been used to promote the Diploma program at ACG YOOBEE School of Designs Armageddon booths and was the subject of my 2016 talk at the innargual Play By Play Confrence.