Crash 'N' GO!



Project: Crash 'N' G0!  Rolls: Designer, Programmer, Artist Time Frame: Current Tools: Unity3D, Maya,Platforms: 

The Concept:

Crash 'N' GO! is a experiment in taking what is considered to be a home console franchise and transforming that experience, bringing it to a new generation of gamers and devices. Structured in a similar manner to the console games, players can experience the level by level game play of old with in a new context. The goal is to create a functional warp room with a few fucntional levels with varying themes and gameplay, using a simple two touch control scheme creating a new kind of mobile platformer that any one can pick up and play. 


I started working on this concept of a mobile 3D platform while listening to a podcast discussion about how to modernise crash bandicoot for a new audiences.  My thought process immediately turned to mobile devices and how you could simplify down the core aspects of crash, running and jumping to one input.

I had the initial prototype of this control scheme created in less then a week and then set about building up the rest of the crash bandicoot around that. The current prototype contains a fully functional warp room with near final art assets and some test levels.

This is a continuing project that i'm building in my spare time with the hopes to finish it by the middle of the year.  

(Note: I don't not own the characters or IP of crash bandicoot. Crash Bandicoot is owned by ActivisionBlzzard. With all art assets created by me under fair use laws, This is a fan project and will not be available for public download)