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R.I.P Good Buddy

On January 4, 2013, word came from Sony computer entrainment, that the worldwide production of the wildly successful PlayStation 2 would be discontinued. After 12 years on the market and selling 155.1 million units, the PlayStation 2 became the most successful home console to date and is widely regarded as one of the greatest console ever made.


After learning this, i actually started to cry a little. That might sound a little weird to you but you see i have a special connection with this large slab of black plastic. You see the ps2 was the first console i ever owned, the first console i could call my own. No more did i have to go to my friends house to play a PlayStation, no more did i have to spend time playing the demo units they had in Eb games, no more i finally had my own.


“jak and daxter was the first game i got for my ps2 and is the reason i love platformers”

The year was 2003, me and my little brother had been saving up for a ps2 for about a year now. our parents both told us that if we saved up half of the total price they would pay the rest, so we did just that. By the time our birthdays came round on June 12th and 13th we almost had the total amount for a ps2 and boy we were in for a surprise. on the 13th (my birthday) there was a big box on the table bigger then most of the other presents around it, so being young i was rather curious and wanted to open it first. i was told to wait for my brother and we were to open it together what happend next could be discribed like this.

Yeah….. but i was excited and happy something this device gave me for the last 10 years. The scary thing is at one point i was tempted to trade it in for a ps3 when they came out. i spent days and day pondering if it was worth it, was it worth trading in my first console. in the end i didnt and i dont regret that decision what so ever.

I see my ps2 as something truly special and its something i intend on keeping and then giving to my kids so they can experience it as there first console. To me the ps2 symbolises the reasons why i want to spend the rest of my life making video-games. It gave me some of the most wonderful experiences, it helped me through my lonely period and i know it will all ways be there for me like a loyal dog.

So i say to you Playstation 2, you gave me some of the best times in my childhood and i will never for get it. I love you ya black hunk of plastic!