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Mobile Scares Me or Why I Wont Develop For The Appstore.

775,000. 775,001. 775,002. 775,003. 775,004. 775,005. 775,006. 775,007. 775,008. 775,009. 775,010.

This is the ever-growing number of apps available on the app store, 775,011. Pretty much every hour, maybe even every minute a new app is submitted to the App Store, waiting to be approved for sale on the glorious walled of waste…. i mean garden that is the Apple App Store.


This is an ever increasing number, it’s a scary number, it’s scary because as it increases something decreases. What decreases are chances that you app will succeed.


In a place of a clone of clones of clones of ideas that were once original, the chances of your app will be discovered and then become really popular are about .0001% and that is becoming even smaller. Now I’m not saying that you can’t be successful on the App Store, but it takes a lot of work to achieve some modest success.


The vast majority of your job ends up becoming how to get attention, it’s like you’re at a concert where everyone is screaming louder than you. Screaming louder than the rest of the crowd is not possible without the help and when you’re doing everything by yourself or are in a small team things can get tricky. This is not something I would want to spend time on as a developer, I would rather spend time making the game better and polished.


So what do you do? If you can’t be successful on one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, where do you go? The answer is not straightforward as you would hope, i think anyone’s best chance is to go out and look for new markets. New places that are undisturbed by the big guns of the gaming world, places you can make your mark and be successful.


I don’t know what the next market is but I’m sure someone can find it. but until someone does I is going to focus my efforts on to platforms that I feel are under served, that don’t have thousand of clones of clones of clones of once original ideas. Hell, that may even be the answer, making things for undeserved platforms like the vita could be the next market. Again I don’t know, I’m just a lowly student looking in from the outside.

775,016. 775,017…..