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Its a conversation

When i walked in to school to day i was struck by an idea, a rather interesting idea i might add. This idea was for a conversation system in a video game. So in most games that have dialogue choices they always tend to take place in cut-scenes as this is a convention in video games, as well as them taking place in side of cut scenes they also inform what your about to say to another character. Taking in to account mass effects dialogue wheel, as its probably the biggest leap in conversation systems in the last 6 years it still falls in to both of these conventions which ultimately don't make more an immerseive experiences (in my option).

OK now on to explaining my idea, its actually quite simple you build the system around the combat system of batman arkham city. so this might seem cray cray, but its not its actually quite cleaver (not to be up my self). im thinking that i might have to explain how combat works in batman so to save time i have made a handy little chat to explain it for me. 

as you can see each action is mapped to a button on the controller and when the button is pressed some magical stuff happens and the game creates a dynamic fight scene based on locations of badguys the position of batman and what environment the battle is taking place in.

now my conversation system functions in a similar way to the combat system, so again im going to use a diagram to explain it.

now from this diagram you can see the player would have 4 types of dialogue trees to chose from, so when the player pushes one of the buttons the game again would do some magic stuff and pull up a line of dialouge that’s based on certien predefined variables e.g. the point a player is up to in the story, characters emotional condition, location in game world. 

my whole reasoning for removing any visual elements from a conversation system is so the conversation doesn't have to take place in a cut scene, i want the conversion's to be more flexible in when they happen and where they happen. also in most game the conversations tend to have an easy pattern to follow for what each choice means, so the gamer really doesn't need to see the choice to know what it dose as they already have the idea in there head on how they are going to play. 

This is just an idea and i have not thought out how to write for something like this but other wise the basic premise would work.

Patty Shannon