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#ideaShare: Love Brawl

Welcome to Idea share!  A new (hopefully weekly) series where i share my ideas for games! i frequently have too many of these and will never make most of them so id like to share them with the internet. Now these are super rough concept ideas, quickly jotted down on the bus or while waiting for things like food or friends. so don't expect them to have the best grammar or spelling as these are basically my unfiltered ideas. So enjoy, send me feedback on twitter @amazingafroman, or share your game ideas with me! id love to hear them. So enjoy my first Idea Love Brawl.

Two players are placed at opposite ends of an arena. They must fight through waves of enemy’s and reach each other at the middle of the arena. 

The world is divided in to two classes, the highlights; a group of wealthy and powerfully technology giants and scientists. And the unionist poorer under educated workers and assistant’s. The highlights have started a new game for any young couples who are in love, called the brawl. The young couples are taken against their will and forced to fight for the highlights entertainment and their right to be married.

The Game play:
Combat is hand to hand melee, in the style of batman: arkham asylum. But will be set to a song that reflects the arenas environment and the couple fighting.

The arenas:
Each arena is a based on a different pair of lovers, that reflects their personality. The song that’s pairs with arena can change the environment at different times during the song e.g. shifting terrains, amount of enemy, weather effects, etc…

Characters and back story:
Each couple before they fight will have a wrestle mania/american gladiators/reality TV show introduction. Narrated by two wwe style commentators. Book ended with a short scene depicting events after they participate.

if you and you partner die and lose the match those characters are dead. There is no retry and no restart. That character is dead and will never come back. Winning couples will live but you cannot play as them again.