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#idea Share: The Forrest (Game Concept)

This is idea share, a place where i can dump my ideas for games and other things out in to the internet. This weeks idea is a for a asymmetrical multiplayer games called the Forrest. 

Each player has been gifted with a tree of life. There objective is to build and protect this tree from being destroyed by other players and nature. As the player grows there Forrest different animal appear depending on the trees they plant. 

The player can plant 3 different type of plants.

Defensive trees; these protect the Forrest by inviting animals that their goal is to protect the tree. They perform actions like feeding it when its hurt, defending from attacks.

Gathering plants: these will spawn animals that will gather resources to plant more trees. They are weak and can’t defend there selves. Will generally run away when attacked. Can be pair up with aggressive animals for protection, when gathering. 

Aggressive plants: Aggressive plants will attract animals that will go out and attack. If you instruct them. 

Seed plants: these act as the resource gathering element of the game. Animals that attracted to these plants gather food and seeds so the player can plant more trees. They will spawn along as the player has gathering plants. Spawn times for these plant are random and can vary wildly based on the current status of the life tree. E.g. the heather the tree is the faster they will spawn. 

The game and be played ether passively or aggressively.
The game will dynamically change the look of the Forrest to reflect the players style, so if the player is playing more aggressively then the Forrest would be darker and evil looking. Passive players one that gather and defend with be more peaceful looking and serene. If the life tree is damaged that will also effect the rest of the Forrest look. 

Asymmetrical multyplayer. Each players forest is instanced, so players from other games if they wanted to attack your Forrest they would select your Forrest from a list and they would be the only ones allowed in it, during there attack. E.g. the castle doctrine. 

When the player attacks another player they are shown the other players Forrest. From there the players inventory appears at the bottom of the screen. The inventory show the players list of animal they have that can attack. Each animal will have various stats and ability that mirror the opponents defenders animals. The player can send wave after wave of animals at the tree to gather 

Placing plants: 
As the player you have the ability to pick up and place plants where ever they like around their tree of life. Starting close by then slowly expanding out from the life tree. 
To plant the player simply has to drag the desired plant and drop it where ever they want it with in the radius of the life tree. 

During the game the players will only see a seed counter, the attack menu and the pause button. The players inventory can be accessed by swiping left or right from the edge of the screen. 
To attack the player can tap an attacking button on the bottom of the screen to bring up the attacking menus. The menus are a list if player Forrest ranked in order of size. 
Then inside the inventory there is a button that can bring up the menu. 
Player controls the camera by dragging with one finger 
rotating with two fingers.
zooming with a pinch in and out.