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#idea Share: Leakin Park (Half Baked Game idea)

This is a game idea i had during my furious listening of the podcast serial, Crime dramas as video games has always been an idea that has never been done quite right. L.A. Noir got pretty damn close, but i never felt like that complete detective experience. So i came up with this, a detective game that fosters cooperation and uses mobile and web technology to present game play.  

Premise: A cooperative crime investigation game, based on the real world location of Leakin Park Baltimore Maryland. Notorious for being a dumping ground for bodies. At the beginning of the game each player is paired up with another real world player as “partners”. These “partners” are tasked with solving several missing persons cases to happen in the area of Leakin park.

Platform’s: Web, IOS, and Android.

Gameplay: The players interact with the game through a web app and a phone app. With an interface that works similar to a combination of slack, Pintrest and Facebook. there are also interactive crime scenes and interrogations that take place in a 3D Environment.

The game breaks down to three parts questioning/taking statements, 

Interrogation and Investigation. Investigation takes place in the crime scenes and over this virtual white board and chat room (like slack). This section of the game involves working with your partner, looking at clues, exploring the crime scene and piecing together what happened.

Questioning witnesses and taking statements from them to help create a picture of what happened.

Interrogation takes place in a interrogation room. This involves asking questions to suspects and witnesses. Can be in the form of phone calls or in person questions.

The two players must work together to solve the crime, thought looking at the evidence, processing it, discussing it and finding the culprit.

Setting: leakin park, Baltimore Maryland. The area is known for being the dumping ground for dead bodies. Over the last 2 decades more then sixty reported missing people have been found in the area. More are presumed to be buried in the park but haven’t been found.