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DevL0G: Untitled Math Game An Introduction

MATHHHHHHHHH, I’m making a math game! It doesn’t have a proper name yet. When I was doing early design for it I just called it ADD, but people kept thinking I was making a game about Attention Deficit Disorder. However for now I’m just calling it Untitled Math Game until I can come up with a better title.

So what is the game? 

Untitled Math game is puzzle game for mobile devices where players are presented with bubbles filled with numbers and operators. Players must use these bubbles to create equations that will yield higher numbers for points and more bubbles for them to use.

Why make a math game? 

Currently, my favorite game for mobile devices is Threes By sirvo. It’s a game that I keep coming back to over and over, it’s simple interaction mechanic and use of math inspired me to try and create a game that focuses more on the math component. I also wanted to fix my perceived problem with threes, it’s the lack of incentive to score chase other players. 

How long into development is it? 

About 2 weeks into active development, while the design has been worked on for a few months. 

What are I/Others doing it?

I'm doing Design, Art and programming on the title with some assistance of my tutor at YOOBEE School of design, The games animations are being worked on by another classmate Ryan and music and sound effects are being done by an external musician George Palmer.

What does it look like? 

A game, a game with math and art but that will be another blog post entirely.

Hopefully in a week’s time the game will be in a playable state that I can share with the internet and stuff. but otherwise you’ll have to look at pictures and read about my progress somewhat frequently!