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DevL0G: The Prototype has escaped!

It’s been a few weeks since the last update and this isn’t the post I was going to do next but our class game jam deadline hit hard and we had to publish. 

Not that it is a bad thing, we got out a game, a working game! With working leaderboards!! (It totally wasn’t needed, but i wanted them in the build). So you can find the game on my itch.io page qube.itch.io/add-prototype. The build is only windows at the moment, and we are working on making changes to it so you can download it on android and other platforms. Which is what I want to talk about some more, the changes we are going to make.

What’s Next? 

So first things first I’m still going to work on the title. It’s got a lot of potential and all that’s really left to do is add animations, visual and audio feedback, and a tutorial for the player. There are some other smaller changes I’d like to implement too, that based on playtesting feedback id like to change the way the number bubbles look, as it was the cause of some confusion for players. 

So hopefully by the beginning of next year most if not all of these changes will have been added to the game. So that we can get to doing final testing and maybe releases the title properly for people to play it. Hopefully (crosses fingers).