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DevL0G: Playtesting, Feedback and You: how people can make your game better!

So we recently released a prototype of ADD (Formerly Untitled Math Game), to the public. However, before we did that we managed to get a build ready for people to play on android devices. We took that build to the monthly game devs of wellington meetup and we snuck up on unsuspecting game devs and got them to play it. 

Play it they did!

So when we gave the game to people to play it we didnt tell anyone how to play it, what the objective was or even how you lose. With the idea being to see how hard it was to learn the game with no tutorials. 

Turns out it was pretty hard… 

It took most people a few trys to get how to play the game, but most of that time was spent on the main menu. See for the player to start the title they must perform the games main interatction mechinc befor they can start. The idea being by giving them as safe space to learn the game they will be less likey to quit in frustration. 

Good thing was that most people didn’t quit. How ever we did receve one peice of major feedback. “That there was a lack of visual/audio feedback” This lack of visual feedback caused the most confusion with players, cause they wernt quite sure if they where actually doing anything. With most of the player reccomending that we add some animation for when you add bubbles to your equation and for when they are being used. 

The next point of the play testers feed back was to do with the score, currently in the most recent build the score lived in the center of the screen. its over lapped by the bubbles and seemed to confuse the players. Most of them didnt know what it was untill i explaind that it was their current score. Again there responce to that was add visual feed back, like an indication of the score increasing or decreasing.  

So most of the feedback given from the play testing was just add visual feed back for the play, and a simple tutorial. 

However i noticed something that wasnt really mentioned. 

Seeing things that others dont point out.

While players were playing i noticed that most players were trying to colour match instead of creating equations based on number vaulue and the available operators. Of all of the playtesters, in total there were 6 testers. Only one of them pointed out that it was confusing with all the bubbles being coloured. 

With all that player feedback in mind these are the currnet changes that will be added to newer builds of add. 

  1. Make changes to the games art.\
  2. Create animations for visual feed back 
  3. Test out a vibration responce for when players add to an equation.
  4. Test out locations for the players score
  5. Add a visual responce for showing the player how much they have added or removed from there score. 
  6. Add audio cues for player actions.

Hopefully with some of these it will make the game easyer to understand and hopefully better to play!