Design portfolio of Patty Shannon


DevL0G: ADD, An Art Update


In my last dev log entry about play testing and feedback, I mentioned that players had issues with the games art. How it confused some of them in how the game is played. So as soon as I could, I began on reworking the game’s art style. Changing in ways that it would retain its abstract look and be less confusing to the player. 

The source of most confusion to players was due to be overwhelmed with colourful bubbles. This lead to players mistaking that they had to colour match the Number Bubbles and the operator bubbles to create equations. To fix this, I have removed all of the colours from the number bubbles and replaced them with a 95% black and white bubble.

This colour change also gives the opportunity to begin adding visual feedback for the player when they are selecting bubbles. Every number bubble starts with as an unfilled ring with the bubbles value coloured 95%black. When the player adds the bubble to their equation it changes to be the inverse of original bubble. This change can also be animated adding more visual feedback for the player. 


Along with the new bubbles, I have spent some time redoing things like the game over screens, leaderboards, and settings screens. With a focus on how the game over screens could facilitate competition. By displaying  stats like the score the player has just beaten, showing the next score the player can beat and how close they got to beating a score.  

So that's the current state of adds newish look. Things are coming along nicely and I’m really happy with the progress that’s happening and hopefully in the new year the game will be ready for some sort of soft launch!