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Among Thieves - An introduction


Hello, it's been a while since I last published something to this blog. All most a year now, boy allot has happened. I got a job working on a pretty large scale project, ashen at Aurora 44. it took up a lot of my time. However I lost that job, then suddenly it returned to me like a tidal wave of time and like a new surfer still learning to stand up, I had no clue what to do with it! 

So In the intervening months, I have been making small things in unity. With the goal of getting better at programming, eventually building enough confidence to take on something bigger. It did not help that I was also creativity broken for a while, it wasn't fun. So That's what among thieves is, it's the bigger thing.


Now, what is it? Well as you might guess from the sub-title on the logo I quickly made today. Among Thieves is a tactical heist game, combining some of my favourite things heist movies and tactics games.

I have always loved the style of heist depicted in films like oceans 11, A group of smooth, intelligent, and goofy thieves, stealing from a shitty person with a plan executed perfectly. I love how everything plays out, and I love the plans that can go wrong with on tiny mistake but most importantly the look of shock on the face of the villain as they realise what happened. It is a feeling I have always wanted to replicate, to let players experience this expert execution in a game. While big budget titles like GTA and the Sly Cooper series achieve a feeling of being a master thief, they can only achieve this through tightly controlled design leaving little creativity for the player to design a perfect heist.

With Among Thieves I think I have an idea that would allow for this kind of creativity in heisting while still being a reasonably scoped project for one dev. I won't go into too much detail now, however, the entire purpose of this exercise is for me to learn and share what I am doing. Every 2 or 3 days I will attempt to post something about my progress, whether it is a quick what I did today post or something about how I scheduled this project's timeframe and definitely more details about how the game plays. Along with post I will hopefully stream my self periodically working on and testing the stuff I have made explaining how it works and what it's for.

So if you follow its safe to say you'll probably learn more about it. But for now, I will let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of a tactical heist game and this gif of some very drunk looking path finding. 

so it um kind of works.gif